The Greenhouse Café

The very finest, locally sourced food and drink available everyday with diligent service in a

spacious and comfortable setting. With soft seating, an outdoor seating area and an indoor children’s

play area, The Greenhouse Café can accommodate to the tastes and interests of the whole family.

Specials Menu

Freshly Made Soup an authentic Minestrone with Parmesan and Croutons    £4.25

Marie Rose Prawn Open Sandwich on a bed of lettuce                     £5.95

Wholetail Scampi & Chips with Tartar sauce                                   £9.95

Homemade Lasagne with a Green Leaf Salad and Crusty Bread            £9.95

Smoked Mackerel with New Potato Salad, a Golden Beetroot

                              garnish, Green salad and coleslaw                           £8.50

House Salad with Mediterranean Vegetables, Carrot, Ginger and Coriander,

                    Potato, Spring Onion and Parsley, Puy Lentils, Herb vinaigrette,

                    Curried rice, Green salad and coleslaw                                £6.95

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Jacket Potato with Chilli Con Carne topped with Cheese and Sour Cream   £8.50

Homemade Pulled Pork Bun with a BBQ sauce, French fries, Green Leaf

                     salad and Coleslaw                                                       £8.95

Croque Monsieur/Madame with French fries and a Green Leaf salad   £8.50/£9.30